How It Works

It's actually very simple. 

Anyone that reads a newspaper or a blog online can register at NewzStand.  You automatically receive $10 USD in money to spend at participating publishers.  You browse the web and access a website or an article that you want to read.  That publisher offers you the opportunity to subscribe using Newzstand's Patent Pending 1 Click Paywall.

You decide to subscribe and with 1 Click, we deduct the subscription costs from your NewzStand account and you get access to the website right then and there.  No registration required, no credit card to enter and depending when you last logged into your NewzStand account, no password to enter.  With 1 Click you subscribe and immediately get access.  

Of course, as you pay for subscriptions, you will need to replenish your NewzStand account.  We will remind you as your account reaches certain levels.  You can also automatically add funds to your account.  

But it really is that easy.